Build Partners is part of the Property Partners Group, an integrated forward-thinking group of companies, working together to deliver a complete range of property development services for our commercial and government clients.

Build Partners specialise in design and construction for the government and commercial sectors, and provides expertise in all stages and aspects of construction projects, focusing on high density residential, education and mixed use developments.

Our multicultural and dynamic team have come from some of the largest and most successful construction and related companies within New Zealand and abroad.  We are proud of the diversity, skills and knowledge that this widely talented team bring together under our customer focused partnership approach.  The breadth of our team’s experience helps to ensure we operate with robust policies and procedures, including Health & Safety, environmental, quality, time, budget and reporting, together with technical excellence across our group.

Build Partners has a strong track record of using best practices and good communication when working with clients to create high quality sustainable property assets.





Our Key People