Real life hero

Shannon (from Build 1) stopped in for a trusty pie on his way home from a hard days work on Friday last week. He was just returning to his car with pie in hand when he saw a young boy dash out onto the road. Shannon raced out onto the road to save the wee boy; saving him form injury or worse! Shannon took the hit from the truck instead. With adrenaline pumping he jumped up, delivered the boy to the awe struck mother and went about his business. The truck driver did stop to check on him but it was not until he woke in severe pain early the next morning that he took himself off to the hospital to get checked out!

Broken ribs later and a quick cortisone injection and he was back ready for work on Monday!! A true kiwi bloke; legend and certainly not only our hero but a life saver to a family that were saved from tragedy that day!

Well done Shannon