3 Storey Walk up Apartments on Lake Road

Originally 2 traditional state houses this new development has 12 new dwellings comprising of two 3 storey walk ups each with 2 bedrooms.

Lake Road development previously came to the Group with a resource consent for 9 units already approved.

However we did not think this was the best use of this valuable land and recommended a new masterplan which had the potential for 15 units. Our client took this on board and revised the scheme plan to 12 as the final design, with Design Partners designing this attractive scheme. It is designed to a higher standard than would typically be seen on a social housing development to ensure it blends into the local environment.





Attention to detail includes aesthetic treatments (brick work detailing) use of weather boards, louvers and metal cladding to ensure this new development blends to the existing streetscape.

Civil works are well underway and the construction phase commenced in recently.

Building site works are well underway with all precast panels all in place and the timber framing progressing at speed.

Building site works are progressing with the Raft Slab Preparation Works now done we are awaiting the concrete truck to pour foundations now that the site is back on operation. This will allow the carpentry team to get framing up in the near future.