Asquith Avenue Mt Albert




This project comprises of one site intensified from 15 existing terrace houses to 40 new lots as a mixed ownership site on behalf of Housing New Zealand Corporation (HNZC)
HNZC will retain 20 units on the site which we are constructing and the remaining twenty will be sold in to private ownership, which has recently occurred.
The current design allows for 20 four bedroom standalone houses for private ownership and 20 one bed apartments arranged in 10 units. The apartment units are designed to complement and fit-in with the private ownership housing.
Stage one of the works include the full civil engineering works for the site to prepare the full site of 40 lots for construction. This is completed. Stage 2 is the 20 1 bedroom units under construction due for completion in May 2019 along with construction of the 20 HNZC 1 bedroom units. The remaining sites, as this stage, have been identified as to be sold for private development.

This project has been one of the more challenging projects we have undertaken with civil works providing many issues to resolve. The surrounding area is volcanic but reports prior to works beginning did not identify the extent of the sub ground conditions. There was a number of caves requiring volcanologists to engage and provide assessments. The rock also created many challenges for the civils team to address with EOTs required for the volume of rock removal before construction could begin. We are delighted to say the construction phase is now completed including landscaping, parks and boardwalks provided as part of this master plan.

This project was a significant milestone for the Mt Albert ward and in June the site was officially opened; Pita Pou, as Kaumatua led the early morning Karakia (blessing) followed by Patrick Doherty (GM Construction Group) welcoming neighbours and new tenants on behalf of HNZC.

The success of this project was the utilisation of all the Property Partners team throughout the design process of value engineering. Land Partners completed the surveying and civil engineering design, Design Partners providing the overall master planning and design and Build Partners providing overall project management and costing.