90 new homes for Mangere families

This significant Design and Build project for our client is creating a revitalized community in Mangere East and is replacing the traditional state houses from the 1970s. The 90 new units will provide warm dry homes and a community-focused living environment that will provide significant benefits to the wider neighborhood.

Aesthetically, these new modern homes will present attractive exterior finishes, are timber-framed, utilizing renewable local resources which is our preferred environmentally responsible construction system.

The project is being built in 4 stages in order to assist our client by providing early handover of the standalone houses and duplexes located on Buckland Rd and Robertson Rd known as SP.2 This was handed over ahead of programme in October 2020.



The remaining 3 separable portions compromising of the bulk of the development were completed in September 2021, complete with a basketball court with the recreational center next door, this project truly has created a new place for the young and old alike to gather and socialise

As this is the largest project undertaken by Build Partners Limited, we were proud to be selected to complete this for Our Client.