Great South Road Papatoetoe

Great South Road development in Papatoetoe previously housed 4 families in 2 traditional duplex-style state homes. Utilising the urban plan changes and modern design we are delighted to now provide 21 families with a new modern home in this attractive apartment-style enclave.
With a combination of family-style 3 bedroom homes coupled with 2 and 1 bedroom units, the development will encourage a good mix of young and older generations living together.

A challenging site with poor soil conditions known locally as “moderate sensitive Puketoka formation”, required us to redesign the complex and use raft foundations.

Originally designed in precast panel inter-tenancy and mid-floor, this was redesigned to reduce weight, using lightweight timber construction addressing both acoustic and fire protection without the need for heavier concrete structures.



After methodically working through the design constraints relating to these poor soil conditions we have now remediated the site and were able to lay the concrete slabs for the 3 blocks. All 3 slabs were specifically designed to allow for differential settlement across the site was an exciting milestone for this project.

The structure of the building was then completed on programme. The Design Partners team worked closely with the site team to ensure the smooth and rapid construction of these blocks, ensuring the earlier ground issues didn’t create future delays to programme.
This project is now an attractive addition to the neighbourhood.