This project, deigned by Oxygen Architecture, is the first full modular project our Group has undertaken.
The buildings making up this development are intended to be manufactured off site as modules (OSM) using light-weight timber and once complete will read as a cohesive and integrated development within itself and the larger community. The apartment blocks are designed with an appropriate visual weight and scale for their location on the site and within the neighbourhood.

The intention for the apartment buildings is to provide a high density


development that embodies the principles of HLC principles of building Whànau and Place with environmental considerations towards “Home and “Neighbourhood”. This is achieved through the buildings response to street as well as the creation of positive communal outdoor gardens to promote social connectivity and wellbeing.

The brief calls for the provision of 30 2-bedroom apartments accommodated in multiple 3-storey walk-ups. The programme is currently on track with Resource Consent lodged.
Build Partners contract is for the full design and build including Building Consent, all civil works and the construction of the apartments.