Hindmarsh Street Development 

Hindmarsh Street in Johnsonville is a classic tricky Wellington site with challenging access and multiple building platform levels required so this project will provide a combination of both modular and traditional delivery.

We successfully won this project due to our well-considered approach to the site, community, and environmental approach and our capability in delivering a complete modular 3-storey apartment building.

The modular 3-storey apartments will be totally built and finished in our Auckland factory and transported to Wellington by road. Due to the width of


each module, these can be transported on a standard flat deck container truck. With a crane positioned on the road below the site, we will work with the local council and transport authority to minimise site and neighbour access issues.
The 12 x 4 and 5 bedroom houses will be completed using on-site traditional construction methods. With over half of the project built off-site, we expect to improve delivery time frames, reduce local disruption to the community and improve the quality of housing stock in this location.

We believe we should deliver this at least 12 months earlier than our client's target program. This allows a massive advantage for families in need to access homes more quickly with minimal disruption to the community while we deliver them.