Epsom Apartments

Apartment design always seems to teeter on the edge of financial feasibility and this project was no different. Complexity was then added due to its location adjacent to the motorway and its founding on solid basalt. Design Partners were engaged at the end of preliminary design to inject their design skills along with practical solutions to rationalise the buildability of this project. Working with the consultant team, we reviewed the project to ensure that sales cost versus construction cost aligned and the project was financially feasible. Apartment design benefits from repetition to bring cost efficiencies and we redesigned the project to reduce the number of apartment typologies as well as changing the mix of apartments to ensure it was meeting the demands of the market. The structure was redesigned to align vertically and to reduce overall weight of the building thereby reducing the amount of structure required. Materials are selected appropriate to the building and environment and to ensure that construction exceeds the requirements of the building code in regard to noise and thermal insulation. We selected red list free materials where possible to reduce environmental impact.

Design Partners believe in the value that landscape design adds to all projects. Working collaboratively with Bloomfield and Bark we created an external environment of high quality communal landscaping providing a green heart to the complex.

Design Partners, as part of a project team with an understanding of the complexities of multi-unit design, have added value to the project through a mix of practical and aesthetic design solutions.




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