Dury Crossing Development

Largest single industrial land development site in New Zealand

Drury Crossing is the largest single industrial land development site in New Zealand currently.Consisting of 360ha of land being converted primarily from rural land use to Industrial and residential use through a Council plan change.

This project involves undertaking in the order of 4,000,000 cu.m of earthworks over numerous construction seasons, building 10km+ of roads and kilometers of below ground infrastructure.

Key Land Partners Staff, Scott McIntyre, Darryll Hollamby and Noel Hawkins were all involved in different aspects of the Drury South Project.

Scott’s involvement was to manage the civil engineering aspects of the project from Plan change stage and develop the civil engineering design that would form the basis of the overall project.



Both Scott and Darryll worked on this from 2014 though to 2018, developing the final site levels, road alignments and infrastructure routes.Involvement also included developing lot configurations.

In addition to these services input into budgets, staging and construction methodology was provided.Scott also acted as an expert witness for the re-zoning of part of the site to a residential land-use during the Unitary plan hearings.

Noel was involved with managing the contractual delivery as Engineer to Contract and Design Manager of the first major roading project for the site - the delivery of an $18m road to unlock the development including changes to the Ramarama Motorway interchange.