Great South Road Papatoetoe - 21 Apartments

90 Unit Project

The Land Partners team were engaged to work with Build Partners for the delivery phase of this significant 90 unit project.The scope of works was for the site engineers to observe the civil construction works and ensure compliance with the Council and industry standards.

It involved working with the Kainga ora project manager, the Engineering Contract and Contractor to ensure delivery of the project was achieved and the site was made build ready for the Build Partners to commence on site.

The project is a brown field development which poses it own challenges in having to deal with existing infrastructure that traversed the site and ensure that servicing to adjoining properties are maintained.












The civil construction works are essentially complete and the project was in the process of final inspections and regulatory sign off before the Covid 19 protocols delayed final inspections with Council, it is expected that once restrictions are lifted the sign off process will proceed smoothly.

For this project Land Partners picked up the designed documentation which was completed by others and facilitated its delivery.This included problem solving for on site issues that arise typically during the Civil works and assisting the contractor in interpretation of the design.