At Land Partners, our engineering team is passionate about innovation and quality. We love a challenge and always focus on finding effective engineering solutions for our clients that will meet and exceed their expectations. We believe that our experience and willingness to think outside the box puts us in a unique place. We offer a wide range of services covering three main areas: CIVIL, GEOTECHNICAL and STRUCTURAL engineering (see below).

Civil Engineering

Land Partner's Civil Engineers Provide Total Engineering Solutions

You're in good hands. We only choose the best team of experienced engineers to bring about the best outcome. Our experts help to plan, design and manage construction of all civil engineering services. At Land Partners, we aim to minimise cost while optimising value.

We are your partners right from the beginning, through site selection and feasibility studies, the consent process, design and construction contracts and more. We will steer you through each stage and keep you informed along the way. Regardless of scale, your project will have a team focussed on maximising the development, minimising costs and ensure a smooth transition through the various stages. Each team member is a qualified expert in his or her field, with plenty of real-world experience to help deliver successful outcomes.

Land Development Engineering

When it's time to get physical, our team will kick into action to get your site ready for construction. This includes all those services that you don’t immediately see in a finished product but are vital to any development:


New land developments demand robust drainage. Using computer modelling and expert analysis, Land Partners will design and create essential new stormwater drainage systems as well as extensions to the existing network.


Land Partners has the experts to 'dig deep' and perform all necessary earthworks for your site. This includes 3D modelling, environmental and sediment control design and the calculation of cut and fill volumes. All wrapped up in a comprehensive site earthwork plan that meets all Council requirements.

Water Supply:

By assessing the existing water supply systems, we will arrange the construction of new networks for potable water supply to your site. Our work complies with all national water standards.

Waste Water:

We have considerable experience in wastewater design – producing systems for all types of sewerage options (reticulated or on-site), either brand new or as an extension to existing services. It comes as no surprise that all of our systems meet health and environmental standards.

Roading & Pavement Design:

We design whatever is needed for your development – from entrances, vehicle crossings and pavements through to turning areas and new roads. As always, our experts consider the surrounding environment and that all existing Council regulations are met in creating the right solution for your development.

If you'd like to discuss the possibilities for your project, contact us today.