Successful residential, rural and mixed-use projects all have one thing in common – the right planning advice. Here at Land Partners, we offer comprehensive planning and expert resource management. Engaging our services in the early stages of your project can prevent costly headaches down the track. We know land development and we are here to help. 

Auckland Unitary Plan Advice

One of the key pieces of development guidance from recent years, The Auckland Unitary Plan brings opportunities for land owners to make smarter use of their land. If you own a property in Auckland, we will advise on what you can and can’t do – within the context of the Draft Unitary Plan – and what you may be able to do in the future.

Due Diligence Investigations

With planning, you want a partner that sees things from every angle. Land Partners will undertake all aspects of the process to ensure that no stone is left unturned (often literally) in outlining and covering your responsibilities as a land owner.

It is not unusual for developments to meet with events that cause challenges or delays. What is unique is our professional approach to these situations – there are no short cuts here.

Resource Consent Applications

It's no secret that some of the biggest delays in any project can be of the red-taped variety. And depending on the site and scope of your development, it may require a Resource Consent.

Our planning team is experienced at working with all governing bodies to understand and prepare all of the required documentation for a Resource Consent. From land use, subdivision, coastal permits and discharge consents, we strive to make this process as streamlined as possible.

Regional Consents

Things may be quieter beyond the city streets, but there can still be plenty of noise in the planning world. For rural or regional developments, we will work closely with the relevant parties to obtain specific consents and minimise any risks associated with the process. Our approach is strategic and efficient – to keep things moving along at all times.

Examples include discharge consents for communal water schemes and supplies, sediment control and works in water.

Assessment of Environmental Effects

Get full peace of mind knowing that our team of experts are assessing the environmental impact of any development before it gets to the pointy end of the project. We will work alongside you to provide thorough planning advice and expert resource management – stepping back to consider how this project fits into its surroundings.

Residential Subdivision and Development

To help you "divide and conquer", our team of planning experts will provide all the necessary feasibility reports and advice to get the most out of your site. Big or small, we recognise that any sized subdivision is likely to be a daunting experience. Which is why our team of expert planners will get you all the information you need to make an informed decision before committing to any work.

Apartments and Mixed-Use Developments

If you have a more complex development in mind, we are experienced in all areas of the planning – from the impact on neighbours and the environment as well as the title considerations for each property on the site.

We understand that any decisions bring with them a multiplication factor on developments like these, which is why we work hard to ensure that we dot every I and cross every T upfront. This is where experience comes to the fore. It’s all about creating a smooth running process – regardless of complexity or size.

Strategic Development Advice

Getting the most out of your parcel of land is something that becomes more and more pertinent as land prices continue to rise over time. At Land Partners, our planners know their stuff – and we make it our business to know yours too. We will listen to your specific site requirements and then give detailed and strategic advice on how to maximise the footprint and blueprint of your land development.

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