The survey team at Land Partners are passionate about precision. Whether it’s a large greenfield or an integrated multi-unit development, or you just want to subdivide off your back section, our meticulous surveyors take care to ensure that everything is exact and correct. By our calculations, it’s your best choice.

Topographical Surveying

Topographical surveys outline the spatial features and contours of a site. Anyone undertaking construction or architectural plans will need a topographical survey. A comprehensive plan will reduce errors and give all parties the information they need.

With a topographical survey, we can plot the exact location and size of any future works to show the relationship between planned and existing buildings, roads, services and trees. This gives detailed and accurate information to all of those involved in the project – such as engineers and architects.

A survey of this kind literally has its ups and downs! Land Partners will work with you to understand your requirements and tailor our services to your needs.

Freehold Subdivision

Freehold subdivision can vary in size, complexity and cost. At Land Partners, it’s our priority to make the process as smooth as possible. The required outcome is a Certificate of Title for each new lot created.

Our experienced surveyors have excellent knowledge of the rules required for freehold subdivision. They are able to plan and project manage all types of subdivisions – from very simple to large and complex – right through to the issuing of separate titles.

Once consented, we will help you see your freehold subdivision through to the end, helping provide any ongoing services you may require.

Height to Boundary Surveying

When planning a new build or a renovation, councils often require evidence to show compliance that the height of the building is relative to its distance from the boundary. This is one way that councils determine the impact of a new development on neighbouring properties. Any mistakes can be costly in terms of time and cost, so we simply get it right the first time.

At Land Partners, we will make this process smooth for you so that your certification of compliance is achieved quickly and efficiently.

Setting Out

Any new building or development requires it to be accurately set out to assist with construction. Councils often require this legal verification before the build proceeds to ensure everything is done right from the start. This is mainly because it can impact on the building's structural integrity, as well as being extremely costly to change.

At Land Partners, we work with you and your build team to ensure the set out is completely accurate – saving you time and money from the start. We visit the site and accurately mark the position of your proposed build and other items relative to the boundary to ensure you get the required certification.

It really is all about getting it right from day one. We pride ourselves on our quality service and experienced surveyors to do precisely that.

As-Built Survey

As-Built Surveys show progress on a property as it appears at a certain point in time. They can be as basic or as detailed as you require. The surveys also provide documentation that work approved through a council consent has been carried out according to the plans.

At Land Partners, we see As-Built surveys (and a Base Map) as project management tools – keeping a project on budget and on time. Our priority is always for our surveyors to get the job done, when you need it, to the very highest standard.

Cross Lease

Cross Lease titles were prolific during the 1970s and 1980s – formed when two (or more) property owners have an equal share in the entire section of land that their individual buildings sit on. Each cross lease title shows outlines of the buildings that are permitted on the site and who owns them.

Amendments to Cross Lease titles are often required if there are changes to the footprint of the buildings marked on each title (such as adding a conservatory or a garage). Plus, when selling, ownership rights and clear boundaries need to be marked – often leading to difficulties if neighbours don't share a common understanding.

At Land Partners, we can make the process as easy as possible. In most cases, we recommend proactively changing to a full freehold title if possible – letting you fully control, protect and manage your asset.

Unit Titling

Unit title subdivisions are typically used as the best means of providing separate titles to apartments and other high-density residential dwellings, or offices in multi-story buildings. They are an important mechanism to give ownership to a piece of land that is related to a building or parts of a building.

At Land Partners, we can talk you through the best options for your space and the relevant pros and cons associated with unit titling. We pride ourselves on giving quality advice.

Boundary Definitions

You may find yourself needing your existing boundaries pegged or redefined. Sometimes pegs are accidentally moved or lost during building work, disturbed through gardening or (more often than not) simply deteriorate over time.

We are more than happy to help you redefine your boundaries – whether you're building a new fence, building a new structure or doing construction. If you had us pegged as the people for the job – you’d be right. We have the equipment and expertise to get the job done accurately and without fuss.

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